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☣ Toxicity

gasmask in gearwell

001: Cuban Sun

Title: Cuban Sun
Fandom: My Chemical Romance (AU)
Pairings: N/A
Summary: Mikey Way is Che Guevara, and also zombies.

The stench was the first thing that hit Che Mikey. That putrid smell of dead flesh baking in the hot Cuban sun, only this wasn't a dead pig or bird to eat. No, this was a different type of flesh, and Che Mikey's experience of bloody revolts and protests led him to the conclusion that this was human flesh, human carnage. It could have been just the wind, but he could have sworn that it was coming closer.

That's when he saw it, the hoard of people all moaning and shuffling their way toward the Rebel Base. Flies landed on their faces, maggots crawling out of gaping wounds, and chunks of skin and muscle and fat working their way off of their owners. El Día de los Muertos was supposed to be one day in the early fall, but for Che Mikey and the rest of Cuba, it had come along with the hot July heat.

Picking up one of the many long-range weapons lying on the ground, Che Mikey barked out orders in quick, sharp Spanish to the other Freedom Fighters. Overthrowing a dictator would have to wait; right now, they were facing a bigger threat.


April 2010

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