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☣ Toxicity

gasmask in gearwell

003: The Greenhouse (Part One)

Title: The Greenhouse (Part One)
Fandom: My Chemical Romance (AU)
Pairings: N/A
Summary: A new day begins, and life remains as normal as it can be.

The Greenhouse was still moist and humid, even after the long winter night. The warmth and wet felt wrong in the darkness- like it all betrayed some strange rule of nature. The thick vegetation inside the massive structure did not mind, on the other hand. The trees from the rain-forests did not voice any objections, nor did flowers and fungus of South Asia. Even the massive ferns looked perfectly content in this sort of situation, although they looked less like plants brought back from extinction and more like ancient elder gods awoken from a dream. In fact, the whole garden with all its demanding flora was more than happy to sit in the dark and be wet and warm.

There was one plant who would have dissented, but luckily for the others, it was still asleep at this time.

Deep in the back, under the thinnest part of the vast canopy, sat what appeared to be a strange-looking stump. It didn't even look like a stump, really, but more like a dead plant that got too top-heavy and curled over. Close examination revealed half of it was covered in a strange moss, and the other half in an odd type of tree bark. Upon closer examination, one could see .that one half was not moss, but rather the tiny heads of Venus flytraps poking their closed mouths out as each nested quietly in this oddity. And upon even closer examination, one saw that the stump- if that's what it was- appeared to be breathing. And as the morning sun began to rise and fill the greenhouse with light, the breathing maybe-a-stump uncurled. And with that, the truth was revealed that this was not a stump; it was a man. A torso leaned side to side, which caused the jaws of the tiny Venus flytraps opened wide as though to yawn. Long arms covered in more little jaws and leaves were stretched. A neck was rolled from side to side,shaking away long strands of vine-like hair to reveal a strangely boyish-looking human face.

The man yawned, exposing rows of sharp flytrap-like teeth. As he grasped around the moss-covered Greenhouse floor, he continued to yawn, and wiped his eyes. Mornings were always a little tough for him, especially without his glasses. When he found what he was looking for (glasses and a slab of raw meat), he smiled a little. Today was going to be another pleasant day for him. Another pleasant day indeed.


Aimlessly chewing on the gristle left from breakfast, the man looked hopefully around the sprawling greenhouse for bugs. A cloud of gnats would be nice, or even flies if he was up for producing the pheromones. He wasn't too worried about food, though. He was sure he would get a good insect meal, as sure as his name was Mikey Way. He always managed to forget that he wasn't too sure about his name, though. He only knew his name was Mikey because that's what Nice Doctors Ray and Quinn always told him (Technically, he was named after the Greenhouse's founder, Michael, but the poor boy couldn't pronounce the second syllable.) Mikey only guessed that his second name was Way because he once heard Nice Doctor Bob use it to describe what he was. (Technically, he was part of the Better Way Project, but Mikey Better Way was a bit much.) Still, he didn't believe it mattered all that much. He liked calling himself Mikey Way, and that was good enough for him.

Mikey liked living in the Greenhouse. He loved being able to quietly converse with the other plants in low, hushed tones that nobody else could hear. He loved the way the sun always felt just right, and how the tiny jaws covering his body would snap shut at sundown. He loved listening in to the quiet conversations of the Nice Doctors, and hearing about their plans for the Greenhouse and for the weekend and for later that night. He certainly liked seeing the Nice Doctors every day when they came to visit. They always smiled at him, and listened to him prattle about eating bugs and frogs and what the ferns said.. They talked to him about how important he was to the Better Way Project, and how his very existence was going to change the world. When they left, they played music with low and heavy bass, because they knew it was his favorite. But then again, to Mikey, everything was his favorite.


Mikeyway the Venus Fly Trap! This is BRILLIANT and the best thing to wake up to ever!

April 2010

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